Frida Ström

Frida fell in love with the art of photography when she got her first analog camera at the age of 13. Catching moments and chasing irresistible natural light was the thing she fell for the most, here she also could combine art with technique. The eager to follow the joy the camera meant lead her into deeper studies of photography.

Step by step building up experiences through experimenting, meeting people, trying, daring, trying again finally made photography her full-time job at the age of 21. Now, 13 years later she runs her own studio in Stockholm where interior-, lifestyle-, food- and commercialphotography all in a nice mix are filling her days with the same joy as when she started, with the same huge love for the natural. BabyBjörn, SAS, LeasePlan, Risenta, Starbucks, Plantagen are some of the brands who she’ve created images for the last years.

Joyful and hardworking, that’s the spirit!