Stina Hedin

Stina Hedin is a versatile costume designer whose work includes theatre, dance, opera, film, commericals, music videos, editorial and styling artists and create custom made pieces for artists or private buyers. She has created characters ranging from classics such as King Lear to metaphysical monsters and historical characters in film - along with numerous edgy, glamourous, dramatic or humoristic styles for artists and characters. Stina holds a BA in costume design and have a deep understanding and passion for the character builiding part of the job as well as all the stages of the psysical process of creating a costume. Stina is also able to master both costume and mask at the same time.

Alongside with more artistic assignments, Stina has been working in the commercial field for the last ten years with advertising and commercial films and puts her pride in always meeting the clients need and to deliver at a high level. In 2018 Stina received the award for best custome design for the short film “To Garbo and Lenin”.