Major Briggs

Director, animator and 3D artist duo


Major Briggs as an animation and production studio have been around for over a decade; working within the fields of direction & film production.

Major Briggs offer a well-established pipeline for a complete production of both large and small scale – taking care of every aspect of a production.
Whether it’s a TVC, a music video, tv-fiction or digital content – MB produce for all type of media and their key strength lies within:

– 3D Modelling & Animation
– 2D Animation & Motion Graphics Character Concept Art
– CGI & Technical Direction
– Live Action Direction

MB rely on artistic talent and experience and believe in the true beauty of narrative and visual expression together with profound knowledge and deep insight of their trade.

Major Briggs have worked with a great diversity of clients and agencies during their years in the animation & film industry.
Global Clients and recognisable brands are mixed with local talents and non-profit organisations.

Among Others:
IKEA, Toyota, McDonalds, SEAT, British Telecom, Nestlé, Blue Apron, Spotify, KLM, Absolut Vodka, SVT